Svi na pod!

Svi na pod! is a popular alternative rock band from Belgrade (Serbia) that emerged from the new local music scene. Their music combines a lot of different influences, creating a unique style which made Svi na pod! one of the best-known contemporary bands throughout the Adria region.

Nominated for

  • Best Adria Act

About the Artist

Svi na pod! attracted the attention of the general public even before their first studio album came out. The word of mouth described them as „one of the most perspective young bands“, and soon after that, in October 2011, their debut studio album "Prvi!" was released. It included 12 songs, of which 11 were on radio charts! Today, the band consists of six musicians, led by energetic singer Bojana Vunturišević. This Belgrade-based band has performed at local music festivals such as Exit, Terraneo, Cinema City, Guitar Art, Trenchtown, BELEF, Belgrade Beer Fest – and they have also shared the stage with international stars such as Jamiroquai, Juliette Lewis, Massive Attack, Beirut, Cee Lo Green and AIR. The past three years have been very busy for Svi na pod!, as they have performed in more than 25 cities across the Adria region. Svi na pod! continue to work on their second album, releasing song after song. The first two singles „Do kraja sveta“ and „Zlatne spirale“ became instant hits and led them to their first Best Adria Act nomination.

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