Siddharta rules the skies of rock in Slovenia since 1995. After over 20 years in the music business, their eyes are still firmly set on the future.

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Fun Facts

From: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Debut Release: Id (1999)

Biggest Hits: Pot v X (1999), Na Soncu, Samo Edini, B Mashina (2001), Ring, Rave, T.H.O.R. (2003), Male Roke, Domine, Plastika (2006), Vojna Idej, Napalm 3, Baroko (2009), Postavi se na Mojo Stran, Hollywood, Spet Otrok (2011), Ledena (2015)

Previous EMA Wins: Best Adria Act 2005

Previous EMA Nominations: Best Adria Act 2006

Fun Fact: The band is named after a well-known book by Hermann Hesse.

Why MTV Loves Them: For their honest approach to music, their songwriting, and their overall attitude towards life.